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Staying in for the weekend? #HVACHome

Staying in for the weekend? Here some ideas for you and your family to enjoy:

▪️ Binge watch a favorite series - Pick a favorite series and spend the weekend eating junk food and watching your favorite television series.

▪️ Snuggle in and read - Curl up in the house and have a quiet weekend reading. Have you read the Harry Potter book series?

▪️ Game night - Make Sunday night game night. Play a competitive game of Monopoly or Scrabble.

▪️ Karaoke at home - There are all sorts of karaoke videos on YouTube so set up a list and sing karaoke with your family in the living room. Sing as a group, duet, or even do some solos.

▪️ Camp in the backyard - If you have camping gear then set it up in the backyard and go camping. You don’t spend any money but you are free from screens, can tell scary stories, and have some unplugged time.


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