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Air Conditioners VS. Mosquitoes

Air Conditioner to avoid Mosquito

Mosquitoes are one of many annoying insects that could potentially do harm your family. Mosquito bites can lead to Dengue - viral infection causing severe flu-like illness and, sometimes causing a potentially lethal complication.

Having a cold, dry air can help to turn away mosquitoes from your home. This is because they prefer warm and damp conditions. If the temperature is lower than 24 or 25-degree celsius, mosquitoes around your home will become inactive. This is also the reason why there are a lot of them in tropical countries.

At Monroe AC Service, we can help you deter mosquitos from entering your home from this unforgivable Florida heat. We have a wide range of mini splits and central air conditioning units to choose from. We can also install them for you.

Aside from this, we can repair your existing air conditioning units and clean your filters and air ducts as well.

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