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Advantages of installing Ductless Airconditioning Systems | Monroe AC Service Miami

Ductless air conditioning systems are becoming more popular for most homeowners for a reason. It is usually called a "split a/c" system. A mini-split doesn't have ducts that go around behind the ceilings of your house. The installation of such air conditioning is just placed in a specific location.


If you resort to installing a mini-split air conditioning system in your home, it can cut its power bill by at least 20-30% because ductless systems are way more efficient than any other cooling and heating device.


Unlike A/Cs with ducts, mini-splits can target particular zones. This is a huge advantage. Say, you have a room in your home that’s cooler or hotter than the rest. This device is very much recommended for such rooms. With it, you don’t have to set a single temperature for the entire house.

One unit for various functions

Ductless A/Cs can provide both cooling and heating. It (can) contain a heat pump which is built-in. This is surely a money-saver because you do not have to put your money into buying multiple units to have both cooling and heating functions.

Easy to install

The air conditioning system has been designed that they are incredibly easy to install. They do not need a person measuring the length and depth, unlike other A/C types.

Customized placement

Ductless systems can be placed anywhere you want in your residence. Naturally, it provides a great replacement/alternative in houses undergoing renovation. Say, there’s an old window unit or a cupboard you want to do away with, but know that removing the same might cause a little imbalance in the interior decoration. You can then go for this A/C and place it as a replacement.


Mini-splits are an ideal choice if you are looking for an environmentally compliant cooling device. Wondering how? Remember less energy consumption and zoned performance – the qualities that are so intrinsic to the device? Moreover, the refrigerant used in these machines is eco-friendly as well. And the machines are designed to perform quietly.


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